Do you know how much you can accomplish in 4 weeks!? A TON!

A ton! So here is your 4-Week Plan:

Action Item #1.
PICK ONE specific target for 4 weeks from now (just 1, not 7)

  1. Create a new irresistible offer
  2. Clarify your avatar so you know who to target
  3. Setup your monthly social media marketing content
  4. Write your new welcome email sequence
  5. Run a New Year Eve (NYE) sell that brings in $10k+
  6. Create a lead gen system that brings in 100+ leads per month
  7. Setup your monthly webinar funnel

Write yours down. On the above list or not, doesn’t matter. WRITE. IT. DOWN. 

Action Item #2:
Write down 3 key actions you need to take to make it happen. 

Don’t know where to even begin? 

Select one of the resources below.

Action Item #3:
Run the goal and plan by 1 person who has accomplished that goal

If you don’t have anyone, I’d be glad to look it over. Schedule a call with me below. I will personally review your goal, your plan and speak truth and life into you and your plan. 

Available Resources

[FREE] PLANNER to Add 100+ New Subscribers to Your List in 30 Days

This planner covers the basics of organic list building and will help you eliminate tech overwhelm and give you confidence.

PLANNER, TEMPLATE & VIDEO training to create an offer that sells

Learn the 5 elements of an irresistible offer. Then, use my signature planner and template to design your winning sales page.

[PLANNER with audio] Map Out Your Monthly Social Media Content in a Weekend

If you are tired of staring at the blank screen wondering what to say/write in social media to attract your ideal clients, this planner is for YOU! 

[PLANNER with audio] Your 12 Month Marketing + Profit Plan!

If you've ever wondered how to sell on social media without feeling icky, this planner is for you! You'll always know what to say and how to weave in your offers flawlessly!

[PLANNER] Find and Name Your Million Dollar Course Idea in a Weekend

Create a well-planned digital course with this tool so that you can reach out more people and impact more lives without burning out.

[POWER HOUR] 90 min. Intensive Strategy Session

This is the perfect way to help get you unstuck and moving forward with your vision & business growth plans so that you get clarity on your specific next steps by getting direct feedback and answers to your specific questions. 

My Resources Available Resources
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