[COURSE] Ferocious Clarity

[COURSE] Ferocious Clarity

INCLUDED IN the Course "Organic List Building"

To have solid goals and a bulletproof action plan, we need clarity first! 

Only with a ferocious clarity, we can stay focus.

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I honor your time here and will make every second count!

Ferocious clarity is the missing link between halfway trying and finding your Perfect Flow Week! Getting this weekly & daily flow will help you take action to make your ideas come to life.  

The 3 hours of training that you are getting here will assist you in setting attainable goals that go hand in hand with where you want to be in life and how you want to feel!

But this is not just another course or training!

I have designed this sequence in a Workshop format with downloadable worksheets for each section. This will allow you to take action and make meaningful decisions as you move through each section.

What is included?

In this exclusive 15 minute offer, you will get  

3 hours of video training divided into 4 sections as follows:  

Attaining ferocious clarity  

~ 25-minute video  

~ Printable worksheets  

~ The eBook: Ferocious Clarity: Know your next step and nail it, which includes the sections: "How to refocus on your goals" and "How to create a to-do list for massive action"  

Defining your Key Priority  

~ 12-minute video  

~ Printable worksheets  

Get It Done, Time Management Master Class  

~ 55-minute video  

~ Printable Guide  

~ Access to my google drive calendar template for you to make it your own (which is showcased as an example in the "How-to Guide to Declutter your to-do list" that you are about to receive.) Now you can have it on your computer and make it your own.

Planning & Goal Setting Mastery  

~ 1.5 hours of the prerecorded Best Year Yet live workshop 

~ 5 sections for easier completion and navigation  

~ Printable worksheets  

BONUS Video - 5 strategies to attain mental clarity 

No matter your learning style, you will discover that the concepts will be simple to absorb and implement because each section has visual, audio & tactile components, which are critical in any learning experience.

All the above has a value of $459, but you can 

ENROLL NOW for $59

(ENTER COUPON CODE 75OFF  to get it at $59)

Hello there!

My name is Karem Mieses. I have been a Productivity Consultant for more than 2 decades. I have turned companies around from bankruptcy to profit. Not only have I been able to start-up businesses, but I also sell them for profit. Since 2013, I have been helping passionate entrepreneurs launch their businesses from their garages and kitchen tables so that they build a legacy that allows them to build memories with their families.  

As a mom of 3 young boys, the more that I tried to accomplished professionally, the more my personal life spun out of control. 

In my quest to get my life balanced, I developed a system to manage the use of my time to ultimately: DO MORE OF THE THINGS THAT MATTER SANS EXHAUSTION.  

To date, I have proudly worked with entrepreneurs, just like you. I have been teaching them this system to help them become not only more productive but happier and content because they achieved outstanding goals.  

What are they saying?

(ENTER COUPON CODE 75OFF  to get it at $59)

5 Modules

Ferocious Clarity

Hey !

This is your first step into becoming the productivity machine that will make your business a sustainable success once and for all.

As a result of working with creative idea-making machine entrepreneurs, I cannot emphasize enough how important is for us to have the clarity to minimize overwhelmed and stay focus.

Go through these lessons, and at the end of each, there's a question or poll to check in with me. Please, do not hold back on questions. I'm here to support you as best as I can.

Let's do this,


10X your goals - Best Year Yet Style

Through these challenging times that we are living, I've had to revisit this same workbook several times since March 14, 2020. 

Though this is a prior recording the principles are more valid today than ever to stay focused and hopeful while we work, build a business, and even raise a family.

After each lesson, there are Q&A stops so that you can send me any questions to help you apply these concepts to your current situation. 

Most sincerely,

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