Your Most Productive Sales Funnel

Your Most Productive Sales Funnel

You are a rockstar at that one thing that only you can bring to the world! 

And you decided to start a business because no-one can do what you do, right?

But then no one told you that to be seen, aka to actually make the sale & customers, you had to become a digital marketer, a website designer, a copywriter, and a social media expert!

Then technology changes so fast that by the time you were done with your first branding experiment, what they sold you like the holy grail doesn’t work.

What if there was a way to stop the endless content creation and merry go round so that you can do what you actually love doing?

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have your sales system all integrated into your website?

Wouldn’t it be freeing to have leads coming to you and asking for what you have to offer?

Wouldn’t it be more than exciting to have someone to build the right tech for you?

I hear you! And during these challenging times, I have heard more than ever before from my tribe, people like you, that they don’t have time to build all this & less time to sit down to learn the steps.

Wouldn’t it be better to learn the steps as I build them specifically for you?

Say no more! Now, I am offering to build for you everything that I teach inside Idea2Profit Academy!

The Catch: I can only take 8 clients at a time. So the availability for it all is on a first come first serve basis. 


Home Page

We are going to make the WHOLE focus of the home page lead to your opt-in. You need leads straight out of the gate. Keep a one-track mind!

About Page 

If they aren't convinced or just wanna know more about you, they'll click to the About page, promise. We will design this page to tell them about you and your brand through the lens of what you teach/share/offer in your opt-in and wrap the page up with another CTA to generate the lead.

Opt-in page with Thank you page

Seeing a trend yet? In case they don't opt-in on the Home or About, have a link in your navigation that leads straight to a stand-alone page to get them to opt-in.

A page to sell what you currently offer

We will design a landing page that showcases your signature offer. You just need to answer a questionnaire and we’ll pretty it up for conversions. 

Follow up Emails to your lead-magnet 

We provide 6 emails for your review and create the campaign or automation inside your email service provider (ESP like MailChimp, GetResponce, Active Campaign, Aweber).  You just let us know if you want a Nurture Sequence or a Nurture and Selling Sequence.


Formatting your opt-in and Signature Offer inside Members Vault to start creating for your tribe a binge and buy experience!

Your Blog

If you have content ready to go with your website launch, go ahead, and design the blog. If not, do it later. Lead generating first.... content can wait. Also, if you have a Podcast, you can use this section to showcase those episodes. In the case of a YouTube Channel or a FB Watch show, we’ll use this section as your vlog.
We will showcase 4 signature blog posts that are closely related to your main offer and will provide a video tutorial with the process so that you can continue this task or delegate it

Regular Price $2,131

June 2020 Special -> $1,491

Use Promo Code JUNE20


As soon as you buy this package, you will receive a Service Contract and estimated delivery time with a form to provide the information that we need from you. Then when you submit that form, you will get a link to my scheduling page to book your Getting-Started-Right Call with me.


I'm Karem Mieses and I can't wait to learn about how you are making waves in your industry! I've helped hundreds of clients build optimized processes & systems in their businesses to become profitable. It is my heartbeat to encourage you in your role as the creative visionary while you go on to serve so many feeling focused, empowered, and free.

My mission is to help you scale your business with a holistic approach to business strategy (aka profitability), process automation, and funnels. I work with service-based parentpreneurs to build automated systems that will give you the time back to create impact for your family with your presence. We work together to get you back to doing only income-producing activities that can be leveraged. 

YES! You be the visionary. I'll be the boots on the ground! Are you ready to learn how?

Can’t wait to help you simplify your business!!!!


Book a discovery call with me to answer all your questions and make sure that working together is the right fit for you.

Book a Call Here

Regular Price $2,131

June 2020 Special -> $1,491

Use Promo Code JUNE20

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