PLANNER, TEMPLATE & VIDEO training to create an offer that sells

You have something to offer your audience that they are looking for and need. But you need to get it into their hands, right?

How? By crafting an irresistible offer!

What is an offer? An offer is a product or service that you sell through your business. This could be a digital course, a PDF guide, one-on-one, or group coaching… the list goes on and on.

After 7 years of growing a successful online business, I can promise you that having only one offer is what will set you up for success.

That ONE offer is the domino effect to start generating consistent income.  

This lesson will walk you through my 5-step process for taking what you have to offer, and packaging it into something that your audience will love and buy!

What's the 5-step process for creating an offer that your audience won’t be able to resist? 

  • Define your offer promise.
  • Identify the length of time it takes to see a transformation.
  • Map the path or step-by-step journey it requires to get this transformation.
  • Select your offer format.
  • Price your offer.

And trust me, this approach to creating your offer or package makes it really simple to put it together so you can get it in the hands of your audience quickly.

Once you do it one time, you just follow the same format to tweak it as you get feedback from your audience!

Inside this lesson, you'll get:

  • 8-minute video to learn the 5 elements to create an offer that sells

  • 22-Page Planner: How to write your money-making sales page on a weekend to help you brainstorm the 5 elements and write your original copy.

  • My proven Sales Page Template, it's a fill-in-the-blanks (PDF) to organize your copywriting in the right order that it should be in your final Sales Page design.

  • 13-min bonus video: How to make an irresistible offer - where  I share with you an example of a real offer that we upgraded to be irresistible and how we fix it. (It had very little to do with more modules, time, or bonuses.)

Just click "Buy Now" below for access to the planner, templates, and watch the tutorials.

No need to go back to get any email.

What are you waiting for? Start creating that offer now.

And if you are wondering about this cool platform where I host my digital products, I am including inside this free LESSON & TEMPLATE to create an offer that sells access to how I maximize this platform.

Inside this FREE RESOURCE, you will find everything that I mentioned above to rock your Sales Page, aka main offer AND:

  • How to rock your freebie (aka lead magnet) in MemberVault (15 min)
  • Upsells & One Time Offers in Membervault (5 minutes)
  • Using MemberVault's Thank You Page to Upsell Your Consultations (8 min)
  • Using MemberVault as your checkout page for other sales pages (2 Min)
  • How to optimize your MV Welcome Area for free traffic from FB, IG, Pinterest (4 Min)
  • If you do not have a Membervault yet? Inside you will get access to a FREE Membervault account to try it out with all the features that I have on the paid version.

Buy this planner now and start optimizing your Sales Page!!!!

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