ENROLL to work with me 1:1

This is for Established Consultants, Coaches & Service Providers that want to leverage their expertise with digital products. 

This is for you if you are ready to build, grow & scale confidently & sanely

More than zeroing in on what to do next in your business, you need a team to help you stay focused on your plans, finish what your start, and actually do the techy stuff for you!

So let's cut to the chase 

  • I have been my own boss since 2002 earning not only a living but a life
  • ​I have turned around in less than 2 years companies swallowed in multimillion dollar-debt 
  • ​I built a 6-figure a year online fitness business in 18-months without adding education and without prior experience in that industry, which allowed me to ditch the corporate rat race.  

And this is your invitation to allow me to take you through the process of creating & implementing the systems to streamline your most profitable offers so that you start enjoying the perks of the business you fell in love with, aka time off to enjoy life! No more dabbling, wasting time, and losing focus for lack of strategy will roll up my sleeves and do this with you! 


Yeah! There's light at the end of the tunnel and not from a train coming your way.

The light of possibilities and success is shining on you!

How about I give you my project planner, and my bulletproof delegating system SO THAT YOU CAN start with all the focus and accountability?   

And while we are at it, because it’s in there anyway, let’s work together to design and implement the  4 most critical systems for your business?

Which system?

  1. Scheduling and Project Management
  2. Solid offer with an on-boarding process
  3. Lead Generation on Autopilot
  4. Retention and community building

Oh and how about I teach you how to connect all of the core technology that you need so that you start getting the benefits faster and centralized. No more googling how-to's and wasting your most precious asset, time!

Let’s say the 2 of us sit down, dig deep into your dream business and map out every single step that you need to take to build it out while feeling empowered, in control and confident?!

I’ll walk through and plan out your business systems just like I do for my own businesses.

I will give you everything I’ve got including a 12-week implementation project plan to achieve your business goals by objective!

What would you say to that?

But let’s be clear. While I’ll help you with all the techy stuff; this is YOUR business.

I am NOT offering you “coaching”, not even "consulting".

We are not going to be chatting about fluff or motivation or advice,


Yes, together we are going to implement and monetize!


What do you get in this 1:1 experience with me?

CLARITY questionnaire/ BiZ ASSESSMENT:

So that I can understand your big goals and dreams before getting started.
6 POWER HOUR SESSIONS - 1 every other week
We will make key decisions and you will receive a list of tasks and action items after that call.
Weekly focus plan and project plan monitoring.


My team and I will work non-stop to implement everything that we agree on during our Power Hour Calls. And will follow up with you to assure you that we have everything we need to get to your BIG GOAL! You will have access to us in between our calls via our Productivity App Monday thru Friday from 10 am to 4 pm.

12-week project plan
A tailored project plan will be emailed to you after our initial session working together.
You will be able to complete the implementation and use it as a template for any other launch.

What you get in this 1:1 experience with me

  • Did you want help right? A team maybe?
  • This is not one of those programs where an expert tells you what to do and then you have to google ½ of the information and hire more help,
  • I will be doing critical work with you and for you!
  • So that you can START MAKING MONEY and START FREEING SOME TIME to do what you love and do best!!

You may be thinking, "OK but what does it include specifically?"

In SIX individual coaching calls spread over 12-weeks and unlimited support via our Slack Channel, we will cover the following:

  • Hands-on VIP done-for-you service as outlined above
  1. Scheduling and Project Management
  2. Solid offer with an on-boarding process
  3. Lead Generation on Autopilot
  4. Retention and community building
  • ​Guided self-assessment to identify your real priorities, your non-negotiable activities, and your current roadblocks 
  • ​Guided self-assessment to identify areas that are working and areas that need improvement. 
  • Personal Communication via Slack to support you and help you move forward in between coaching calls. 


​Get powerful, fearless, clarity to help you move out of the space of inaction and indecisiveness.  

  • ​Zeroing in that one thing that will jump-start your business to run on auto-pilot.

  • ​Set and validate the goals that are congruent with your area of focus. 

  • ​Outlining the tasks required to complete each project and the time each one will take.

  • ​Designing your productive day, week, and months to make it all happen 

  • ​You will identify and implement the techniques that are going to help you STAY FOCUSED; no more chasing squirrels! 

  • ​Understanding your Business Numbers through Profit Clarity to confidently believe and invest in the right projects.
  • ​Auditing your current sales funnel to assure you are getting the right leads.

Everyone is different so after our initial call, I will send you an email with everything we discuss and a plan completely tailored to your needs.
Once you accept the proposal in the email and submit payment, I will send you a Service Agreement to set clear expectations.

HOWEVER, no matter where you are in your business, my GOAL for you is the same: 

You are going to implement at least FOUR outsource-able systems in 12 weeks that are going to allow you to operate as the industry leader that you are!


We will crunch the numbers to make it work.

Imagine a life where there's:

  • No more overwhelming feelings brought by thoughts of "so much to do, so little time", because you will be laser-focused on non-negotiable income-producing activities.
  • ​No more feeling like a headless chicken because you have a support system ensuring that all important tasks are taken care of and covered.
  • ​No more details falling through the cracks. 
  • ​No more unfinished projects.


The investment in this 12-week hands-on program is $5,000 and there is a payment plan.

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