How to close for the day to enjoy your nights and weekends

Hello,  ! 

So much to do😱 so little time 😩 How to enjoy your nights & weekends without feeling behind 🤯
Try this technique to empty your psychic ram (all those thoughts that don't let you think?!) so that you can enjoy life, no guilt, and boosted productivity for Monday!
Here's the thing, overwhelm comes from:
(1) Constantly multitasking - our brain does not take a break b/c it’s constantly trying to make a decision
(2) Indecision - when you doubt yourself the brain enters into a loophole.
Many times we are indecisive due to lack of direction ….
For today, I challenge you to stop-multitasking and overworking yourself..
B/c the reality is that unmanaged overwhelmed can lead to anxiety and that it's a problem... a box of Pandora that you don't want to open.
Just google anxiety and health, and you'll start taking relaxing and having fun, way more seriously 😉
People who are overwhelmed not only spread themselves too thin, but their energy gets diluted. Don't be afraid of disappointing others for saying "no," we get one life to live and they may be as scared when it's their turn ;-)

Lesson Activity

For today, explore these
1) Work in 90 min time block and take 15 min breaks
2) Make a list of things pending, aka "the parking lot," every time you need to stop, it will help you resume way faster.
3) At the end of the day, make a list of everything that you wanted to complete that day and circle the top 3.
4) Start with the top 3 the next day.

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